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New volunteers: Orientation this Sunday, Sept. 28

We love new volunteers, and to enhance the training experience we’ve introduced a dedicated orientation session. It takes place the last Sunday of each month, 1–2pm—right before our regular work session, 2–5pm. Get the details here.

Of course, if Sundays are inconvenient for you, but you’d still like to help us get books in the hands of women in prison, there are many ways to get involved.


What We Do with Donated Books We Can’t Use

From time to time we find ourselves running out of room, especially after a few large donations. That’s when we sort through the duplicates and items not likely to be of interest to the readers we serve, and we reach out to prison libraries.

Recently, our volunteer Scott Feigenhauer coordinated the preparation and delivery of a large donation of books to the Cook County Department of Corrections. Director Theresa Olson of Inmate Services wrote Scott: Continue reading ‘What We Do with Donated Books We Can’t Use’

Benefit for CBWP Tuesday, Sept. 3!


Subject to Change presents READING RAINBQW

9 p.m. at Township, 2200-2202 N. California

DJs, dancing and more ~ Details at

A Special Donation in Memory of Kristine

Recently we received several boxes of GED books, workbooks, dictionaries, blank journals and many other books. The woman dropping them off explained that the donation was in memory of her daughter Kristine, who died two years ago. At a small gathering on what would have been Kristine’s 23rd birthday, family and friends brought books for donation to CBWP.

As a student at Boston College, Kristine had volunteered as a tutor at the local prison. We’re grateful for the generous donation and honored to share what Kristine wrote about her experience.  Continue reading ‘A Special Donation in Memory of Kristine’